Data Communication Security

  • Safe management of your data
  • Control inbound and outbound data traffic
  • Encoding of information

The last decade has seen an explosion in the number and scope of data loss and information leakage. Most significantly, WikiLeaks and its aftermath placed new security issues on the agenda. Information does leak and the consequences can be severe and disruptive. Protecting your corporate data and preventing the loss of sensitive information are key challenges in the world of data communication.

Safely manage your data when in use, in motion and in storage

NetNordic aids you in the task of controlling inbound and outbound data traffic and provides alternatives for encryption. Encoding the information means it can only be read or accessed by authorized parties. Data loss prevention software (DLP) prevents users from sharing sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. By employing this strategy, network administrators or intelligent software can limit what data users are allowed to transfer.

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