Data Center Security

Cloud Data Center Security Solutions

  • Protect and secure your virtualized Data Center
  • Security Solutions that protect your data center network infrastructure, IP-based services and data storage
  • Provide stability to your cloud services

The cloud-ready data center represents an indispensable and utterly complex part of your company. It has enormous economic potential and the capacity to accelerate innovation. Faced with the combination of virtualized and physical network infrastructures, however, traditional security mechanisms are not enough.

We consider the security concerns particular for your data center, your reliance on cloud services and firm-specific needs to facilitate cost optimization.

Availability without compromising security

Today, traffic must not only be secured between physical elements; the traffic between virtual elements is rapidly increasing. IPnett locates the blind spots in your data center and provides data center security policies and services to address new and sophisticated threats (example DDoS). By giving you the means to protect your data center’s network infrastructure, IP-based services and data storage, our solutions provide a flexible, efficient and future-proof data center.

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