IPnett Support Services

NetNordic 24/7 Support

Your business is safe with a SLA support agreement with NetNordic.

If you have a 24/7 service and support agreement with NetNordic, you have full access to our Service Desk. We will assist and support your company 24/7 and provide the stability and predictability your business is dependent on.



E-mail Norway: support.no@netnordic.com

Telephone Norway: +47 21 06 26 00 

Telephone Sweden: +46 8 22 11 88 

Email Denmark: servicecenter.dk@netnordic.com

Telephone Denmark: +45 7025 4422 


Carrier Support

Call: +46 08 555 18 188


Online Resource Center

Customers with a support agreement with us can access resources online, such as software downloads and documentation.

You will need a username and password, then enter: https://support.netnordic.com


Global Support

NetNordic is member of OneServiceNetwork – an alliance of medium-sized system integraters. Together we provide global support to our international customers. More details.

OneServiceNetwork website