Is your business protected from DDoS attacks?

The DDoS landscape has changed considerably since 2012, leaving many organizations unprepared to deal with today’s distributed denial of service threats. How is your company prepared to meet DDoS attacks that is directed to your network?

IPnett and Arbor Networks present a test tool to give you awareness of your level of network security and to protect your networks against DDoS-attacks. The AssessMy Mitigation Lite, gives indications on how well protected your networks are against DDoS-attacks. The extra good news is the simplicity of the tool that makes it possible for individuals with little technical knowledge to use it.

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8 step plan for DDoS protection

In combination with the tool, it is also highly recommended that your organization sets up following eight steps to control the possible damages from DDoS-attacks – before, during and after the attack.

  1. 1. Appoint a small team of IT leaders to make descision to redirect traffic to a scrubbing center during the early stage of A DDoS-attack
  2. 2. Develop a process with your ISPs to quickly block traffic from offending IP adresses.
  3. 3. Audit the content on your website and remove large unecessary files.
  4. 4. Know the business value of services that may need to be temporarily disabled.
  5. 5. Establish an internal communications plan.
  6. 6. Establish an external communications plan.
  7. 7. Perform quarterly testing of DDoS Mitigation Capabilities.
  8. 8. Establish a playbook of the best pracisces outlined in this research.

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The free report on your status regarding DDoS attacks is sent to your e-mail adress once you have filled out inputs. AssessMy is best suited for senior business maganers, IT managers or managers responsible for the IT security. We offer to discuss your findings with a security specialist from IPnett.